J Clin Pathol 29:719-723 doi:10.1136/jcp.29.8.719
  • Research Article

Anisocytosis and the C-1000 Channelyzer in macrocytic anaemia.


Red cell anisocytosis as assessed using the Coulter Channelyzer C-1000 showed an increase with progressive anaemia in 25 patients with macrocytosis due to B12 and/or folate deficiency. In deficiency of a single factor, the degree of anisocytosis increased with progressive anaemia. In five cases with B12 and folate deficiency combined, anisocytosis was markedly increased out of proportion to the degree of anaemia present. Iron stores were also reduced in four of these cases. It is suggested that objective measurement of anisocytosis is of early diagnostic value in the assessment of multiple haematinic factor deficiency, for example, in macrocytic anaemia associated with malabsorption states and unexpected multiple deficiency states.