J Clin Pathol 34:213-216 doi:10.1136/jcp.34.2.213
  • Research Article

In vitro growth of some fastidious adenoviruses from stool specimens.


Sixty-seven stool specimens from 51 children, positive for adenoviruses by electron microscopy and negative for growth in human-embryo kidney cells, were tested for growth in Chang conjunctiva cells. Twenty-eight specimens caused a cytopathic effect over more than one passage in these cultures, and several adenovirus strains grew better at 33 degree C than at 37 degree C. Most of the culture-positive specimens also induced the development of adenovirus antigens in KB cells detectable by a group-specific indirect immunofluorescence test. Twenty-four of the 25 fastidious strains tested were antigenically related and were distinct from the established serotypes commonly isolated from stools.