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Fibronectin in blood products--an in vitro and in vivo study.
  1. J T Reilly,
  2. B A McVerry,
  3. M J Mackie


    The concentration of fibronectin was assessed in a variety of coagulation factor preparations. Highest concentrations of fibronectin were found in the intermediate purity factor VIII concentrates. Significant amounts were found in cryoprecipitate but high purity factor VIII concentrates contained only small amounts. For practical purposes factor IX concentrates contained no fibronectin. Qualitative estimation of fibronectin showed the presence of an abnormal slow migrating peak on 2 DIEP which was not found in normal plasma. In vivo recovery infused fibronectin was relatively low for all products studied (30-54%). The plasma half life (17-25 h) did not differ significantly depending on whether cryoprecipitate or a factor VIII concentrate was used as a source of fibronectin. No enhancement of plasma fibronectin concentrations was obtained following DDAVP infusion, venous occlusion and exercise. Plasma fibronectin concentrations and 2 DIEP patterns were unaltered following prolonged storage.

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