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Plasma intestinal alkaline phosphatase and intermediate molecular mass gamma glutamyltransferase activities in the differential diagnosis of jaundice.
  1. D Collins,
  2. M F Goold,
  3. S B Rosalki,
  4. P D Mayne,
  5. A Y Foo
  1. Department of Chemical Pathology and Human Metabolism, Royal Free Hospital, London.


    An assessment was made of the value of: (i) the demonstration of intestinal alkaline phosphatase in plasma for the differentiation of intrahepatic from post-hepatic jaundice in 122 jaundiced patients; and (ii) the demonstration of an intermediate molecular mass gamma glutamyltransferase in plasma for the identification of post-hepatic cholestasis in 74 jaundiced patients. The first test had a diagnostic sensitivity of only 32% with a specificity of 86%; the second test had a sensitivity of 50% and specificity of 75%. It is concluded that neither procedure is worth while.

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