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Retrospective study of Campylobacter-like organisms in patients undergoing partial gastrectomy.
  1. R J Loffeld,
  2. B C Loffeld,
  3. J W Arends,
  4. J A Flendrig,
  5. J P van Spreeuwel
  1. Department of Internal Medicine, University Hospital, Maastricht, The Netherlands.


    One hundred and five stoma biopsy specimens and 108 corpus biopsy specimens from 108 patients who had undergone a partial gastrectomy because of peptic ulcer disease were examined retrospectively for the presence of Campylobacter-like organisms and gastritis. In the corpus biopsy specimens Campylobacter-associated gastritis was found in 55 (71%) of the cases and in 42 (48%) of the stoma biopsy specimens. It is concluded that Campylobacter-like organisms have a role in gastritis after partial gastrectomy, although this role is more prominent in the corpus region. The role of Campylobacter pylori in peptic ulcer disease is not clinically important.

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