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Laboratory assessment of three reflectance meters designed for self monitoring of blood glucose concentrations.
  1. J P Begley,
  2. A R Forrest
  1. Department of Clinical Chemistry, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield.


    Three monitors designed for self monitoring of blood glucose concentrations by diabetic patients were evaluated in a laboratory. All three assessments correlated positively with a laboratory reference method based on glucose oxidase. Coefficients of variation at all levels tested were less than 10% for each monitor. Stability of the colour development of each stick was assessed and the effects of changes in blood spot volume and incubation time were examined. Twelve ward nurses were each asked to measure two blood samples and the results obtained showed wide variability. Overall, our findings suggest that each of the three monitors tested is suitable for use in monitoring capillary blood glucose concentrations by those who are properly trained.

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