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Pathology of tropical appendicitis.
  1. S C Gupta,
  2. A K Gupta,
  3. N K Keswani,
  4. P A Singh,
  5. A K Tripathi,
  6. V Krishna
  1. Department of Pathology and Surgery, MLN Medical College, Allahabad, India.


    Over the past 25 years, 2921 appendicectomies were performed at this hospital. All were subjected to routine histopathological examination. In 95% of cases, histopathological examination did not add any further information but in 153 (5%) cases, clinically important pathological findings were detected for the first time. Seventy (2.3%) specimens showed typical evidence of tuberculosis. Parasitic infestation was detected in 75 (2.5%), including enterobiasis (1.4%), amoebiasis (0.5%), ascariasis (0.5%), ascariasis with trichuriasis (0.05%), and taeniasis (0.05%). Other lesions found were mucocele (0.1%) and carcinoid tumour (0.1%). It is concluded that routine histopathological examination of all appendicectomy specimens should be performed to avoid missing any clinically important and treatable condition.

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