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Production of plasma selectively depleted in fibrinogen by affinity chromatography.
  1. C F Hirst,
  2. K J Stevenson
  1. United Kingdom Reference Laboratory for Anticoagulant Reagents and Control, Withington Hospital, Manchester.


    An affinity chromatography column was prepared using a polyclonal anti-fibrinogen antibody bound to Sephacryl S 1000. Normal human plasma was depleted of fibrinogen by passage through this column. The fibrinogen free plasma corrected the prolonged clotting times of plasmas deficient in factors V, VII, VIII and IX. Clottable fibrinogen was recovered from the column. An immunodepleted fibrinogen free plasma could fulfil a useful role in internal and external quality control alone, or in combination with other test materials; it could also be used in research.

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