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Seminal polyamines as agents of cervical carcinoma: production of aneuploidy in squamous epithelium.
  1. S Fletcher,
  2. W A Neill,
  3. M Norval
  1. Tawam Hospital Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


    The effects of several polyamines found in seminal fluid on the cell cycle and ploidy of three cervical cell lines and of primary epithelial cells cultured from cervical biopsy specimens were monitored by fluorescent flow cytometry. The rate of cell growth did not change but there were indications of either hypodiploidy or hyperdiploidy in some cultures at certain concentrations of spermine and spermidine. An interaction of exogenous polyamines with the DNA of cervical cells was shown to occur, leading to changes in ploidy with, perhaps, the potential to induce or promote dysplasia.

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