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Decidual T lymphocyte activation in hydatidiform mole.
  1. S Wongweragiat,
  2. R F Searle,
  3. J N Bulmer
  1. Department of Immunology, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.


    AIM: To quantify and compare decidual leucocyte subpopulations in complete and partial hydatidiform molar pregnancy with those in normal early pregnancy. METHODS: Decidual leucocytes were characterised using an avidin-biotin technique and a panel of monoclonal antibodies in formalin fixed, paraffin embedded decidual tissues from 10 normal first trimester pregnancy terminations and from 13 partial and 13 complete hydatidiform moles. Immunostained cells were fully quantitated and differences between subject groups were analysed using the Mann-Whitney test. T lymphocyte populations were further characterised using double immunohistochemical labelling. RESULTS: The numbers and percentages of CD3+ and CD4+ T cells were significantly increased in complete hydatidiform moles compared with partial moles and normal early pregnancy decidua. No differences were found in the number or percentage of CD8+ T cells. The CD8+ to CD4+ T cell ratio decreased significantly in complete mole compared with partial mole and normal decidua. The numbers and percentages of CD45RO+ cells increased significantly in both partial and complete hydatidiform mole compared with normal first trimester decidua. Double labelling confirmed that 50% of CD3+ T cells in complete and partial molar pregnancy coexpressed CD45RO, compared with 30% in normal pregnancy. Other leucocyte populations (eGLs, macrophages, B cells, and classical natural killer cells) did not differ between complete and partial mole and normal pregnancy decidua. CONCLUSIONS: The presence of an increased population of activated decidual CD45RO+ T cells in complete and partial molar pregnancy suggests altered maternal immune responses against molar trophoblast.

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