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Diagnostic Pathology of Parasitic Infections with Clinical Correlations.
  1. T Van Gool

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    Gutierrez Y. (£125.00.) Oxford University Press, 2000. ISBN 0 19 512143 0

    The determination of parasites in tissue sections is generally regarded as one of the most difficult aspects of the diagnosis of parasitic infections. Very few good books about this topic are available, which makes Diagnostic Pathology of Parasitic Infections by Yezid Gutierrez most welcome.

    This impressive book of 769 pages includes, according to the author, all parasites described until now in human tissues. The book is intended as a diagnostic tool for anatomical pathologists confronted with unknown parasites in tissue sections. Because of this orientation, aspects dealing with diagnosis in the clinical laboratory are only briefly mentioned. Morphological features of most of the protists, nematodes, trematodes, cestodes, and arthopods are discussed extensively in the text and illustrated with high quality (black and white) photographs and diagrams. In addition, several diagnostic stages are illustrated within 16 colour plates in the middle section of the book

    What makes the book of special interest is the link between the pathology observed in the tissues and the (extensive) description of clinical symptomatology of the infection. In this way a unique insight into the different host–parasite interactions is given.

    In general, the chapters are well written. However, in this 2000 edition, the literature cited in some sections is a little outdated (most of the more recent references are from 1996 to 1997, with only a few in 1998). Nonetheless, when a good book about the diagnosis of parasitic stages in tissue samples and extensive clinical information of parasitic the infection is wanted, this book can be recommended.

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