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Continuing education for pathology laboratory technologists: a needs analysis in a Singapore teaching hospital
  1. Kong-Bing Tan (pattankb{at}
  1. National University of Singapore, Singapore
    1. Thomas Paulraj Thamboo (pattpt{at}
    1. National University of Singapore, Singapore
      1. Yaw-Chyn Lim (patlyc{at}
      1. National University of Singapore, Singapore


        Aim: Continuing education is important to laboratory technologists. It helps them keep pace with the advances in medicine and pathology and thus to provide quality service. A survey was conducted to assess the attitudes of our pathology laboratory technologists towards different educational activities.

        Methods: Relevant continuing education activities include lectures, case discussions, journal-clubs, short courses, scientific conferences and higher educational courses. Technologists were asked for their views on these various activities, scoring each item 1-5 out of 5.

        Results: The response rate was 66% (19/29); respondents’ work experience ranged from <3 years to >20 years. Short courses was rated the most highly - 89% of respondents considered it good/ excellent. General medical knowledge and the methods and rationale of key histopathology procedures were the preferred lecture topics. Most respondents (58%) were interested (4-5/5) to have their own journal-club. Eighty-four percent of respondents were fairly keen/ keen (4-5/5) to participate in conferences. Seventy-four percent responded that they were fairly keen/ keen to consider pursuing higher education. Eighty-four percent were fairly keen/ keen to upgrade themselves and to assume higher responsibilities.

        Discussion: The results indicate a positive outlook of our technologists towards continuing education. The planning of future lecture topics has taken into account their preferences and talks on the pursuit of higher education have been organized. It is hoped that these measures and others, will help boost the usefulness of continuing education and enhance the work environment.

        • biomedical scientists
        • continuing professional development
        • cytopathology
        • histopathology
        • training

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