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VEGF-C is associated with lymphatic status and invasion in oral cancer
  1. BSMS Siriwardena (samadarani{at}
  1. Hiroshima University, Japan
    1. Yasusei Kudo (ykudo{at}
    1. Hiroshima University, Japan
      1. Ikuko Ogawa (dlabo{at}
      1. Hiroshima University, Japan
        1. Kamara Udagama (kumaraudagama{at}
        1. Hiroshima University, Japan
          1. W M Tilakaratne (wmtilak{at}
          1. University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
            1. Takashi Takata (ttakata{at}
            1. Hiroshima University, Japan


              Aim: Nodal metastasis is a major prognostic indicator for oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) progression. Recently, it has been revealed that lymphangiogenic growth factor VEGF-C and its receptor Flt-4 play an important role for invasion and metastasis in cancer cells. Therefore, in the present study, we examined VEGF-C expression and its correlation with lymphatic status including the number of lymph vessels and lymphatic invasion, tumor invasion and metastasis in OSCC cases.

              Methods: We examined the intra- and peritumoral lymphatic vessels using D2-40 in 54 OSCC cases and correlated them with VEGF-C expression and clinicopathologic findings. Further we compared histological pattern of invasion and pathological findings.

              Results: High expression of VEGF-C was frequently observed in OSCC and was well associated with increased number of lymph vessels and lymphatic invasion. Moreover, VEGF-C was well correlated with invasion pattern and metastasis.

              Conclusions: Our findings suggest that VEGF-C may play an important role for lymphangiogenesis and invasion in the metastatic process and can be a strong predicting factor for metastasis of OSCC.

              • VEGF-C
              • invasion
              • lymphangiogenesis
              • metastasis
              • oral squamous cell carcinoma

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