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Urinary bladder xanthoma: a report of 2 rare cases highlighted with anti-CD68 antibody
  1. Wael Ismail Al-Daraji (waldaraji{at}
  1. Darent valley Hospital, United Kingdom
    1. Mini Varghese
    1. Sheffield University Hospitals NHS foundation Trust, United Kingdom
      1. Ehab Husain
      1. Harold Wood Hospital, United Kingdom
        1. Adel Abellaoui
        1. Darent Valley Hospital, United Kingdom
          1. Vivik Kumar
          1. Sheffield University Hospitals NHS foundation Trust, United Kingdom


            Urinary Bladder Xanthoma (UBX) is an exceedingly rare finding. This condition received little attention in the literature with only very few cases described yet1. We present two cases of UBX with typical histological features confirmed by immunohistochemical studies. The two cases were from a 53 year old male and a 74 year old female. Both lesions where discovered during flexible cystoscopy examination in the Urology Department because of haematuria or urinary frequency. During cystoscopy, both lesions were yellow to brown patches on the dome of the bladder. Microscopical examination showed collections of fat-laden or foamy macrophages in the lamina propria and CD68 positivity of these cells confirming the diagnosis of UBX. The overlying urothelium showed no evidence of dysplasia or neoplasia. We describe a report of two cases of urinary bladder xanthoma diagnosed microscopically in the UK.

            • CD68
            • Urinary Bladder
            • Xanthoma
            • immunocytochemistry
            • incidental rare finding

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