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Displaced Granulosa cells in the Fallopian Tube Mimicking Small Cell Malignancy
  1. Bindu Vydianath (vydianath{at}
  1. Birmingham Women's Hospital, United Kingdom
    1. Raji Ganesan (raji.ganesan{at}
    1. Birmingham Women's Hospital, United Kingdom
      1. Glenn McCluggage (glenn.mccluggage{at}
      1. Royal Group of Hospitals Trust,Belfast, United Kingdom


        We report a case where displaced non-neoplastic ovarian granulosa cells within the fallopian tube mimicked a small cell carcinoma. This peculiar phenomenon of displaced granulosa cells has been described previously in the ovary as a rare diagnostic pitfall which may be misinterpreted as metastatic carcinoma. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first documentation of its occurrence in the fallopian tube. Awareness of this rare phenomenon and immunostaining for markers of sex cord differentiation assist in diagnosis and in preventing a false positive diagnosis of malignancy.

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