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Non-melanocytic mimics of melanoma part II: intradermal mimics
  1. Leung Chu Bonnie Tong (bonnie.tong{at}
  1. University Health Network, Canada
    1. Zaid Saeed Kamil (dr_zaidkamil{at}
    1. University Health Network, Canada
      1. Ayman Al Habeeb (ayman.alhabeeb{at}
      1. University Health Network, Canada
        1. Danny Ghazarian (danny.ghazarian{at}
        1. University of Toronto, Canada


          Intradermal melanoma diagnosis poses a great deal of confusion on many occasions since it can mimic almost any tumor within the dermis. In part one, we discussed the different features of intraepidermal mimics and in this part, we are discussing the clinical, cytomorphologic, and immunohistochemical features of intradermal mimics of melanoma and how to distinguish those conditions from melanoma. We also describe the ultrastructural features of some of these conditions that may help to distinguish melanoma from its mimics. We hope that this approach together with part one of the non-melanocytic mimics of melanoma will aid in better overall understanding of melanoma and its mimics.

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