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  1. C. T. Nicolau,
  2. Cecil Poppa,
  3. M. Ialomiteanu,
  4. R. Pîrvu,
  5. M. Ionescu
  1. Institute of Haematology, Bucharest, Rumania


    In dogs very severe haemorrhage, which leads to a state barely distinguishable from death, can be cured by one intra-arterial injection of dextran equal in volume to three-quarters or more of the estimated blood loss, provided that the dextran injection contains adrenaline and lobeline. Recovery after this treatment is only temporary, and a blood transfusion of about 25% of th e subject's lost volume of blood is needed for complete recovery.

    It may be possible to apply these results to man, in which case, the reanimation method of Negovsky could be simplified and therefore be easy to use in any circumstances.

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