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  1. J. A. Owen*,
  2. G. C. de Gruchy*,
  3. H. Smith
  1. Clinical Biochemical Laboratories and the Department of Medicine, St. Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne


    Serum haptoglobin levels have been studied in patients with a number of haemolytic disorders.

    In general, serum haptoglobins were low in patients with increased haemolysis. Values were reduced irrespective of whether haemolysis occurred intravascularly or extravascularly.

    The reduction was related to the amount of haemoglobin destroyed per day.

    Serum haptoglobins may be raised in certain neoplasms and infections and during adrenocortical steroid hormone therapy. A rise in haptoglobins due to one of these factors may mask a fall due to haemolysis. Thus a normal or raised serum haptoglobin does not necessarily exclude a haemolytic process.

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    • * Supported by grants from the National Health and Medical Research Council.