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Radiation sterilization
  1. E. M. Darmady,
  2. K. E. A. Hughes,
  3. Margaret M. Burt,
  4. Barbara M. Freeman,
  5. D. B. Powell
  1. Portsmouth and Isle of Wight Area Pathological Service, Wantage, Berks.
  2. Isotope Research Division (A.E.R.E.), Wantage Research Laboratory, Wantage, Berks.


    The sterilization by radiation of disposable medical items has been investigated. Various vegetative and spore-bearing bacteria have been irradiated and results indicate that 2·5 Mrad can be recommended to give a high degree of sterility. Spores of B. pumilus (E.601) showed such resistance that it might be a suitable test organism for determining the efficiency of a radiation treatment. A high standard of packaging must be demanded for pre-sterilized products.

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