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The occurrence of post-gamma protein in urine: a new protein abnormality
  1. Elizabeth A. Butler,
  2. F. V. Flynn
  1. Department of Clinical Pathology, University College Hospital, London


    As a result of studying the urine proteins of 223 individuals by starch gel electrophoresis, a new urine protein fraction has been recognized. On starch gel electrophoresis at alkaline pH the new fraction moves to a position appreciably nearer the cathode than the slowest-moving γ-globulin in normal serum. A small amount of this post-γ protein was found in the urine of 46 patients with clinical proteinuria, including 19 with the Fanconi syndrome and nine with multiple myeloma.

    The nature, origin, and clinical significance of post-γ protein is discussed.

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    • Based on a paper read at the combined meeting of the Association of Clinical Pathologists and of the Association of Clinical Biochemists in London on 3 October 1959.