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Studies on the blood lipids and lipoproteins in thalassaemia and sickle cell anaemia
  1. C. Choremis,
  2. V. Kyriakidès,
  3. E. Papadakis
  1. Paediatric Clinic, Athens University


    In Cooley's anaemia the serum lipid fraction, determined by chemical analysis, was found to be decreased. The lipoprotein distribution by paper electrophoresis showed a characteristic pattern with abnormally low α1 fraction and high concentrations of the β fractions. There is no relationship between age and serum lipoprotein distribution. A correlation was found between the electrophoretic pattern, liver function tests, and the E/C index. Similar changes but of lesser degree were found in sickle cell anaemia. Liver damage is thought to be the probable cause of the reduced α1 fraction.

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