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Laboratory studies with the systemic trichononacide, metronidazole
  1. R. F. Jennison,
  2. P. Stenton,
  3. Leslie Watt
  1. Department of Clinical Pathology, Saint Mary's Hospitals for Women, United Manchester Hospitals, Manchester


    Laboratory studies with the trichomonacidal agent, metronidazole, show that 66 strains of T. vaginalis were killed in three days by concentrations of 0·0625 μg./ml. to 1 μg./ml.

    Estimations of serum and urine levels in nine volunteers, the serum levels in 31 women, and the urine levels in 33 women show that metronidazole is rapidly absorbed and excreted in high concentration in the urine.

    Development of resistance to metronidazole by T. vaginalis has not been demonstrated either in vivo or in vitro.

    No toxic effect was demonstrated in the blood, liver, or kidney.

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