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The antithrombin activity of glucuronic esters of bilirubin
  1. M. Kopeć,
  2. T. Darocha,
  3. S. Niewiarowski,
  4. J. Stachurska
  1. Laboratory of Clinical Biochemistry, Institute of Haematology, Warsaw, Poland
  2. Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry, Institute of Haematology, Warsaw, Poland


    The plasma of patients with pronounced jaundice as well as that of cats with experimental obstructive jaundice inhibits the clotting of normal plasma with thrombin. The influence of different bile constituents—bilirubin, bilirubin glucuronides, sodium salts of bile acid—on the clotting of plasma or fibrinogen with thrombin was examined. Bilirubin glucuronides in concentrations above 8 mg.% showed antithrombic activity but other substances were inactive. Glucuronic acid and phenolphthalein glucuronide in concentrations up to 100 mg.% did not have any influence on the thrombin time.

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