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Rapid incremental methods for the determination of serum iron and iron-binding capacity
  1. R. N. Beale,
  2. J. O. Bostrom,
  3. R. F. Taylor
  1. Institute of Clinical Pathology and Medical Research, Sydney, Australia
  2. Department of Public Health, Sydney, Australia


    Rapid methods depending on differential absorptiometry are described for the determination of the transferrin iron content and the latent iron-binding capacity of blood serum. Each determination requires as little as 0·5 ml. serum. The methods are well adapted for routine use in the `average' laboratory. Three or four sera may be completely analysed in 30 minutes. All operations are carried out in the cells or tubes used for the colorimetric measurements, no precipitation or heating being employed at any stage. Critical investigations of the reliability of the methods are attempted and ranges of normal values are included.

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