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Pulmonary cytomegalic inclusion-body disease in a diabetic
  1. Brian E. Heard,
  2. A. M. Hassan,
  3. Stephanie M. Wilson
  1. Department of Pathology, Postgraduate Medical School of London


    Cytomegalic inclusion-body disease was found at necropsy in the lungs of a 57-year-old diabetic man. The characteristic large cells were found in all parts of the lungs. The alveolar walls showed no cellular infiltration, supporting Hamperl's suggestion that the cytomegalic virus alone may be incapable of causing pneumonitis. A small focus of aspergillosis was also found in one lung.

    The rarity of cytomegalic inclusion-body disease in adults was confirmed by re-examining histologically the lungs of 15 further cases of diabetes as well as 60 of other chronic diseases. No further example of pulmonary cytomegaly was found.

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