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Isolation of a protective gamma-globulin fraction interfering with the zinc sulphate turbidity test
  1. B. Naganna,
  2. B. Rama Rao,
  3. K. R. Venkaiah,
  4. P. Lakshmana Rao
  1. Departments of Biochemistry and Medicine, Guntur Medical College, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India


    The serum of a case of hyperglobulinaemia with negative thymol and zinc sulphate turbidity reactions was studied. The serum when added to pathological sera with high turbidity values brought about a marked reduction in the original turbidity values. Also, the serum did not give the usual copper proteinate precipitate when added to copper sulphate solutions. The anomalous protein fraction responsible for the above properties was isolated from the γ globulins by precipitation at 28% saturation with ammonium sulphate. It was found to be neither a macroglobulin (Waldenstrom's), a cryoglobulin, nor a collagen protein. Its occurrence in the very γ globulin fraction which is responsible for many of the turbidity reactions is of great significance in the interpretation of these tests. It is suggested that the normal turbidity and flocculation reactions reported in some cases of multiple myelomatosis might be due to some such anomalous proteins.

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