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A method for the determination of free 131I in radio-iodinated lipids
  1. A. G. Cox,
  2. Zena Hinchliffe
  1. University Department of Surgery, the Royal Infirmary, Sheffield


    Experiments are described showing that an anion exchange resin may be used as a simple means of determining the amount of free radio-activity in emulsions of triolein and oleic acid labelled with 131I in the form of 131ICl. In the case of radio-iodinated triolein no special modifications are necessary. With radio-iodinated oleic acid, the working solution is made up with an excess of unlabelled oleic acid emulsion to prevent uptake of bound radio-activity by the resin. Recovery experiments show the method to be approximately 90% efficient, which is adequate when the radio-lipids are to be used for clinical purposes.

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