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Two cases of aplastic anaemia associated with tumours of the thymus
  1. R. D. S. Barnes1,
  2. P. O'Gorman2
  1. Group Laboratory, Lewisham Hospital, London


    Two cases are presented in which aplastic anaemia was associated with thymus tumours. In Case 1 the patient had a pancytopenic aplastic anaemia and was treated with A.C.T.H. The marrow showed regeneration at necropsy. The thymoma in this case was unusual as there was thymic regression with fat replacement which may have been related to A.C.T.H. Case 2 was initially of a pure red cell anaemia with but little tendency to produce a leucocytosis in response to infection and was found at necropsy to have a lymphoepithelioma of the thymus. Previously reported cases are reviewed and the role of A.C.T.H. in treatment is discussed.

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    • 1 Now at Guy's Hospital, S.E.1.

    • 2 Now at Brook General Hospital, S.E.18.