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The estimation of two alpha1 glycoproteins (orosomucoid and another alpha1 acid glycoprotein) in health and disease
  1. J. A. Easton1,
  2. J. Hardwicke,
  3. P. H. Whitehead
  1. Department of Experimental Pathology, University of Birmingham


    The normal values for orosomucoid and the α1 acid glycoprotein of Schultze in young adults are reported, specifically estimated by an immunological technique. The use of purified orosomucoid as a standard allowed of absolute estimation of this protein. The α1 acid glycoprotein is estimated relative to a standard normal serum.

    These proteins were estimated in the serum of eight patients after surgery. Both proteins rise markedly in the serum, the α1 acid glycoprotein reaching peak concentration in two to three days, and falling again equally rapidly, the orosomucoid rising more slowly to reach a peak after four to seven days, and returning to normal values in 10 to 14 days.

    Estimations of serum levels in 24 patients with a variety of diseases show that the two proteins can vary independently; values as high as eight times normal were found for orosomucoid in Crohn's disease. In patients with proteinuria, orosomucoid is preferentially excreted in the urine. The losses of α1 acid glycoprotein are, however, anomalous, being proportionately less than those of albumin, relative to the serum levels.

    The significance of these preliminary findings is discussed.

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    • 1 Present address: Louis Jenner Laboratory, St. Thomas's Hospital, London, S.E.1.