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Bronchopulmonary moniliasis in the newborn
  1. Alena Linhartová,
  2. W. Chung
  1. Šikl Institute of Pathological Anatomy, Charles University, Plzeň, Czechoslovakia
  2. Department of Pathology, County General Hospital (OUNZ), Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia


    Ten instances of bronchopulmonary moniliasis due to C. albicans in neonatal infants, 1 to 11 days of age, are described. The incidence was 1·05% out of a total of 947 consecutive necropsies on neonates. Diagnosis was established by morphological identification of the fungi. Seven cases were associated with inflammatory exudation. In three cases inflammation was absent. Infection secondary to monilial vaginitis in the mother appears to have been over-emphasized. The more common mechanism appears to be aspiration after delivery.

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