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A case of vaccinia necrosum (or progressive vaccinia), with severe hypogammaglobulinaemia, treated with n-methyl isatin beta-thiosemicarbazone (33T57)
  1. T. H. Flewett,
  2. F. L. Ker
  1. Little Bromwich General Hospital, Birmingham


    A fatal case of vaccinia necrosum treated with antivaccinial γ globulin and N-methyl isatin β-thiosemicarbazone (33T57) is described. Histological abnormalities found at necropsy included intranuclear as well as cytoplasmic inclusion bodies, absence of lymphoid germinal centres, grey hepatization, and bronchiolar epithelial hyperplasia. Virus titres were highest in the original skin lesion; virus was also found in the lymph node draining it and in the kidney and the brain. No toxic effects could be clearly attributed to the drug used in treatment.

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