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A comparison of the measurement of gamma globulin in cerebrospinal fluid by electrophoretic and immunological methods
  1. Jack Colover1,
  2. J. G. Feinberg,
  3. Anne Temple,
  4. Marian Tooley
  1. Institute of Clinical Research, Middlesex Hospital, London, W.1
  2. Department of Neurology, Middlesex Hospital, London, W.1
  3. Bencard Allergy Research Unit, Beecham Research Laboratories Limited, Betchworth, Surrey


    The results of measurement of γ globulin in the cerebrospinal fluid by electrophoresis and by an immunological technique are compared. In some fluids marked discrepancies were found. Such discrepancies, when substantiated and better understood, may have diagnostic significance.

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    • 1 Member of the external scientific staff, Medical Research Council.