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The diagnostic value of serum leucine aminopeptidase
  1. G. Mericas,
  2. E. Anagnostou,
  3. St. Hadziyannis,
  4. S. Kakari
  1. Department of Medicine, the Evangelismos Hospital, Athens
  2. Department of Chemical Pathology, the Evangelismos Hospital, Athens


    Serum leucine aminopeptidase determination was found to be a useful screening procedure for hepatobiliary disease in jaundiced and unjaundiced patients. Values under 1,000 units are of no help in the differential diagnosis of jaundice but values above 1,000 units are highly indicative of biliary obstruction. The differentiation of intra- from extrahepatic obstruction as well as of malignant from benign jaundice cannot generally be established by this single test.

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