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Two cases of primary oxalosis
  1. J. W. Koten,
  2. C. van Gastel,
  3. E. J. Dorhout Mees,
  4. L. W. J. Holleman,
  5. R. D. Schuiling
  1. Institute of Pathology, Rijksuniversiteit, Utrecht, The Netherlands


    Two patients, aged 66 and 62 years, are described who suffered from unilateral anuria and contralateral stone formation due to primary oxalosis. The diagnosis was established by microscopical examination of necropsy material in the first patient and by renal biopsy in the second and was confirmed by chemical and x-ray investigation of tissues and calculi. The sequence of events leading to the rather sudden precipitation of oxalate in the tissues is discussed, and a tentative explanation for the unilateral anuria is offered.

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