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Method using ortho-tolidine for the quantitative determination of haemoglobin in serum and urine
  1. G. Parker Lewis1
  1. Southern General Hospital, Glasgow


    Following a study of the spectrophotometric properties of ortho-tolidine and its oxidation products, with particular attention to variation brought about by change in the hydrogen ion concentration, a method for the quantitative estimation of haemoglobin in serum and urine in which ortho-tolidine is substituted for benzidine in a peroxidase system is described. The method is designed to measure haemoglobin value within the range 0-125 mg. per 100 ml. Evidence is presented showing that it gives results equal in accuracy and reproducibility to a benzidine method in common use and for reasons stated is a more satisfactory technique for estimating the haemoglobin content of urine.

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    • 1 Present address: University Medical Unit, Stobhill General Hospital. Glasgow. N.1.