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Association of acute local reactions to insulin with an insulin-binding gamma I M antibody
  1. J. G. Devlin1,
  2. D. K. O'Donovan
  1. Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, University College, Dublin


    Sera from 15 diabetic patients treated with insulin for periods varying from four weeks to 19 years and from two control subjects were investigated for the presence of insulin I131-binding antibody. It was found in all patients even as early as four weeks after the initiation of therapy, but the antibody in the gamma I M region was found in only one, the only patient who had severe local reactions to insulin at the time when the serum was being collected. It is suggested that the acute local reactions to insulin are due to the development of a transient gamma I M insulin-binding antibody.

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    • 1 Wellcome Trust research fellow.