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Necrotizing arteritis with giant cells associated with haemolytic anaemia
  1. P. Flanagan,
  2. A. W. McCracken,
  3. F. R. Jones,
  4. R. M. Cross
  1. Royal Air Force Institute of Pathology and Tropical Medicine, Halton, Bucks


    Necrotizing arteritis with giant cells, involving the aorta, pulmonary and coronary arteries, and coronary, splenic, and renal arterioles was found at necropsy in a 74-year-old male who had died with severe haemolytic anaemia associated with cold haemagglutinins.

    The clinical and pathological features of this case are shared by well-recognized forms of necrotizing angiitis, in particular giant cell arteritis, but do not conform satisfactorily with any of these disorders. Cold agglutinin haemolytic anaemia in this instance suggests the possibility of an autoimmune aetiology.

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