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Enzymatic release of folate activity from the red cells in megaloblastic anaemia of pregnancy
  1. Helena Grzesiukowicz,
  2. R. F. Jennison,
  3. A. H. Gowenlock
  1. Department of Clinical Pathology, St. Mary's Hospitals, Manchester
  2. Department of Chemical Pathology, University of Manchester


    The content of folate activity precursors in washed red cells and the enzymatic plasma factor activity, necessary for the release of folate from the precursors, were studied in normal subjects and in patients with megaloblastic anaemia of pregnancy. Subjects with megaloblastic anaemia of pregnancy had a significantly reduced folate activity precursor content, and 14 subjects (58%) had significantly low plasma factor activity, which in at least four subjects may have been due to the presence of inhibitors. This study indicates that impaired activity of the plasma factor may play a part in the aetiology of megaloblastic anaemia of pregnancy.

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