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Lactic dehydrogenase isoenzymes in normal and pathological spinal fluids
  1. V. R. Cunningham,
  2. J. Phillips,
  3. E. J. Field
  1. Medical Research Council Demyelinating Disease Research Unit, University of Newcastle upon Tyne


    Spinal fluid lactate dehydrogenase (L.D.H.) isoenzyme patterns have been investigated in normal subjects, in those with non-destructive nervous disease, and in those with destructive lesions in the nervous system.

    The spinal fluid from organic disease in general showed a significantly increased level of L.D.H.2 and L.D.H.3 so that the combined values of L.D.H.2 and L.D.H.3 might perhaps be of value in determining the presence of destructive nervous lesions.

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