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Correlation of peripheral white cell and bone marrow changes with folate levels in pregnancy and their clinical significance
  1. S. Varadi,
  2. D. Abbott,
  3. A. Elwis
  1. Department of Haematology, City General Hospital, Sheffield


    Two hundred and thirty-eight `megaloblastic' pregnancies are reviewed. Bone-marrow aspiration was performed in every case. Serum folate estimations were strongly suggestive of folic acid deficiency in only 34% of cases. If, however, the red cell folate was determined as well, there was an almost complete agreement with the changes in the erythroblasts. It is suggested that hyper-segmentation of the neutrophils in association with a diminished red cell folate level is indicative of significant folic acid deficiency.

    This series possibly shows a slight but statistically insignificant increase of accidental haemorrhage. No effect on birth weight or incidence of stillbirth was demonstrable.

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