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Comparative immunological studies in liver diseases
  1. György Szécsey,
  2. György Dóbiás,
  3. Ernö Kerekes
  1. University Third Medical Clinic, The Postgraduate School of Medicine, Budapest
  2. Department of Clinical Pathology, The Postgraduate School of Medicine, Budapest


    By fractionation of human liver tissue, nuclear, mitochondrial, and connective tissue antigens were prepared. According to the results of serological tests, in conditions associated with substantial damage to the hepatic parenchyma, antibodies reacting with the nuclear and mitochondrial antigens are produced that show practically no reaction with the connective tissue antigen. It is advisable to use fractionated, connective tissue-free antigens for the demonstration of antibodies formed against liver tissue. The use of antigens containing connective tissue may lead to non-specific reactions.

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