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A new disinfectant
  1. Philip W. Ross
  1. Department of Bacteriology, University of Edinburgh


    Qualitative and quantitative tests have been carried out to assess the value of Cidex1, a glutaraldehyde solution, as a disinfectant.

    Most of the tests were qualitative and were carried out in conditions as closely resembling those found in hospital practice as possible. Recently used anaesthetic equipment, catheters, and a cystoscope, which had been artificially contaminated with suspensions of Staph. aureus, Ps. pyocyanea, and Esch. coli, were used in the tests.

    The results show Cidex to be a useful disinfectant with a valuable potential in disinfecting hospital articles which, due to their perishable nature or the fragility of component parts, cannot be treated by physical means.

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