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Effects of Triton-X-100 upon the mobility of esterases and alkaline phosphatases in disc electrophoresis
  1. H. B. Coutinho1,
  2. E. Katchburian2,
  3. A. G. E. Pearse
  1. Postgraduate Medical School, London


    Homogenates of the mid gut and digestive glands of Rhynchosciara angelae were prepared in 40% sucrose, with and without 0·5% Triton-X-100. These were subjected to disc electrophoresis and zymograms for esterases and alkaline phosphatase were prepared. In both groups the effect of Triton-X-100 was to increase the electrophoretic mobility of the enzymes concerned.

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    • 1 Visiting colleague, Postgraduate Medical School, sponsored by the British Council.

    • 2 Research fellow of the Coordenacao do Aperfeicoamento de Pessoal de Nivel Superior, Brazil.