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Possibility of normokalaemic primary aldosteronism as reflected in the frequency of adrenal cortical adenomas
  1. I. Dévényi
  1. Department of Pathology, University Medical School, Debrecen, Hungary


    Adrenal cortical adenomas with diameters greater than 3 mm. were found in 185 (3·61%, of 5,120 consecutive necropsies. A progressively higher incidence with increasing age was noted) 82% of the adenomas occurring in cases in the age range 51-80 years.

    On the basis of age distribution of adenomas and their connexion with hypertension, there does not seem to be sufficient proof to suppose that the cortical adenomas frequently found at necropsy can be held responsible for causing normokalaemic primary aldosteronism to the extent assumed by Conn (1964).

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