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Use of Sephadex column chromatography in the assessment of thyroid status
  1. T. M. D. Gimlette1
  1. Radio-Isotope Laboratory, St. Thomas's Hospital, London


    A method is described for assessing thyroid status using Sephadex column chromatography of serum samples with added 125I triiodothyronine. The method is simple and inexpensive. It gave a correct diagnostic result in 97% of 258 euthyroid, 90% of 80 hyperthyroid, 78% of 59 hypothyroid, and 67% of 50 euthyroid, ill patients.

    The principle of the method and its limitations are briefly discussed.

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    • 1 Present address: Department of Nuclear Medicine, The Liverpool Clinic, 1 Myrtle St., Liverpool 7.