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A system of screening for the presence of a number of common drugs
  1. Merle Dunlop,
  2. D. H. Curnow
  1. Department of Biochemistry, Royal Perth Hospital, Perth, Western Australia


    A method is described to provide a rapid screening technique for the presence of barbiturates, glutethimide, carbromal, meprobamate, salicylate, phenothiazine derivatives, bromide, carbon monoxide, and alcohol.

    Phenothiazines are detected by a spot urine test. The first four drugs are identified, within 60 minutes of blood collection, on thin-layer chromatoplates of microscope slide dimensions. The estimations of bromide, salicylate, carbon monoxide, and of alcohol levels are started in that period so the overall time for the screening is less than two hours, and the amount of blood required is only 10 ml.

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