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A comparative trial of Rappaport enrichment medium for the isolation of Salmonellae from faeces
  1. J. B. Iveson,
  2. N. Kovacs1
  1. Salmonella Investigation Unit, Public Health Laboratory Service, Perth, W.A.


    Seven-thousand-and-thirty-six specimens of faeces were examined for Salmonellae using three enrichment culture media in parallel.

    Rappaport's magnesium chloride malachite green broth medium proved superior to selenite F and tetrathionate broths in the recovery of a wide variety of Salmonella serotypes. However, it was inferior to selenite broth in the recovery of Salmonella typhi.

    A higher recovery rate of Salmonellae was obtained from undiluted than from 1: 1,000 dilution of faeces.

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    • 1 Dr. N. Kovacs died on 25 September 1965.