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`Normal' vaginal microbiology of women of childbearing age in relation to the use of oral contraceptives and vaginal tampons
  1. C. A. Morris,
  2. Delia F. Morris1
  1. Bristol Laboratory of the Public Health Laboratory Service


    The vaginal microbiology of women attending a family planning clinic was found to be unrelated to the use of oral contraceptives and vaginal tampons.

    Beta haemolytic streptococci isolated from this `normal' population were compared with those from 1,104 women attending general practitioners complaining of vaginal discharge. There is a caution regarding the indications for antibiotic therapy.

    Observations were made on the effects of contamination of vaginal swabs with yeasts and β-haemolytic streptococci from the vulva. The persistent character of the vaginal flora over a six-month period is described.

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    • 1 Bath Branch, Family Planning Association.