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Cesar: cervical smear analyser and reader
  1. I. M. P. Dawson,
  2. C. P. Heanley,
  3. A. C. Heber-Percy,
  4. J. K. Tylko
  1. Tetronics Research and Development Corporation Ltd., Faringdon, Berks.
  2. Department of Clinical Histochemistry and Cytology, Westminster Hospital amd Medical School, London

    A new approach to evaluating cells in cytological preparations


    Cesar presents an automated multiparameter approach to pattern recognition in the rapid detection of malignant cells from cervical and other cancers. Cells are cybernetically classified. They are collected into a container into which a nuclear stain may be incorporated and laid as a track on 35 mm. film using a disposable mapping pen device. The film track (Cytotrack) may be scanned using conventional optics and provision may be made for electronic sensing devices measuring a number of parameters, some of which are not normally used in conventional microscopy.

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    A new approach to evaluating cells in cytological preparations