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Treatment of chronic urinary tract infections with gentamicin
  1. A. A. Lindberg,
  2. H. Bucht,
  3. L. O. Kallings
  1. National Bacteriological Laboratory, Stockholm
  2. Renal Clinic, St. Erik's Hospital, Stockholm


    Gentamicin was of value in the treatment of chronic urinary tract infections caused by multiresistant bacterial strains for which no atoxic antibiotic was available. The treatment was carried out after alkalinization of the patient's urine. With the dosage given, gentamicin gave a low serum and a relatively high urine concentration. Excretion of active gentamicin in the urine was high even in patients with impaired renal function. The results of treatment of complicated chronic urinary tract infections with initial gentamicin and following long-term therapy showed negative urinary cultures in 12 out of 24 patients within one to 14 months of follow-up time. To reduce the risk of toxic side effects the dosage was adjusted according to the patient's kidney function. No development of resistance was demonstrated in the bacteria.

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